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About SweepsCoach

Our Roots

At SweepsCoach, our background in PC multiplayer gaming is a major reason why we are so successful at helping sweepstakes companies thrive. In the early 90s, our employees were running large-scale events called "LAN parties". A LAN party is a popular activity where several participants bring their computers to a central location so that they can all play games together in one room. We rented the California State Fairgrounds and hosted a gaming event that drew nearly a thousand participants. We organized professional tournaments with huge cash prizes at technical venues such as Best Buy. These events were sponsored by key technology companies such as Intel and nVidia and attracted thousands. We launched and managed a few of the largest online gaming communities on the web, hosted dozens of professional events and game launches, and published strategy guides (still available at Amazon). It was safe to say that gaming was in our blood.


Most of the SweepsCoach employees have professional backgrounds with experience at companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Novell, Intel, Samsung, and eBay. A few of our key employees first joined forces in the late 90s to form the dotcom success Gamers.com, which eventually split to form several other successful companies, including Lithium Technologies. Our consulting teams on both the business and the technology side are led by people who have been with the company since its beginnings over 10 years ago. You can trust our experience.

Rapid Growth

Our debut into the exciting world of Internet cafes occurred in 1999, when we opened our very first Internet gaming café with nearly 40 terminals. Our first store was such a fantastic success that we leveraged the experience we gained to launch several similar stores. The company was called Stuff About Games, which is a sister company to SweepsCoach. Stuff About Games focuses primarily on the head-to-head PC gaming environment. We became experts at starting profitable Internet café businesses and soon were helping dozens of people open similar enterprises. Since then we opened over 200 different Internet cafes and gaming center businesses across the US and internationally.

The Sweepstakes Gaming Market

In early 2005 our consultants at Stuff About Games started getting calls from people inquiring about our experience with sweepstakes machines. At first we were confused. As the frequency of these calls increased, we did a little research and made a remarkable discovery. Computer sweepstakes rooms were popping up all over the place in a handful of states. We were skeptical. This looked just like illegal gambling and we didn't want any part of it. But the calls kept pouring in. We watched the industry very closely, talked to some attorneys, and discovered that, when done properly and within the guidelines of sweepstakes law, these sweepstakes Internet café businesses were not only completely legal but also extremely profitable.

Branching Out

The sweepstakes Internet café industry was practically identical to the traditional LAN gaming centers that our consultants had spent so many years perfecting. The only significant difference was that the software used in sweepstakes cafes was different than the software used at traditional Internet cafes. In reality, the sweepstakes software was the last five percent of the total sweepstakes business startup project. We immediately started lining up software partners to assist us with the missing link—sweepstakes software. Once we had successfully identified the best sweepstakes software manufactures and formed partnerships, we were in a position to help our clients launch the most successful sweepstakes Internet café businesses in the world. Eventually after nearly five years and hundreds of installations, we finally discovered an Internet cafe sweepstakes software that stood head and shoulders above everything else. These are the sweepstakes games we recommend and deploy for our clients.

Making a Name for Ourselves

As the consultants at Stuff About Games began working on dozens of sweepstakes projects, we decided that the sweepstakes division of our company needed its own identity. The year was 2005, and this was the birth of SweepsCoach. Since then SweepsCoach has become the authority on sweepstakes promotions--assisting not only new businesses but anyone who wants to learn more about the industry. We have been interviewed by dozens of reporters, have assisted law enforcement and regulatory bodies, and generally do whatever it takes to educate the US about the legitimacy of this expanding new industry. SweepsCoach has become the authority, not only assisting Internet cafe owners to financial success, but also legitimizing and defining the industry.

Paying the Piper

Finally, because our business model only rewards us once our clients succeed, you don't pay us for consulting. That's right… our clients (i.e. you!) don't even have to pay us until you start making money. It just keeps getting better and better! We know our stuff and we're here to help you as you enter this exciting new industry. Give us a call!