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Internet Sweepstakes Kiosks

Announcing the new INTERNET KIOSK with SWEEPSTAKES! SweepsCoach and PromoGames have developed a proprietary new money-making tool for the Sweepstakes market. The Internet Kiosk is the NEXT BIG THING in this industry. It offers all of the benefits of a sweepstakes room (or parlor)--but makes 4x as much money, has NO OVERHEAD, is 100% CERTIFIED and compliant, and is much, much more simple and less expensive to set up and operate than an Internet cafe.

Our Sweepstakes Kiosks are experiencing tremendous success as there is nothing else like them in the industry. Available in several different models (including a bar-top Kiosk), our Kiosks include a solid powder-coated steel frame (like an ATM), a large touch-screen monitor, a bill acceptor, a card reader, and a receipt printer. The Kiosks are truly "Plug and Play!"

Within Existing Internet Cafes / Sweepstakes Parlors. If you already own a sweepstakes Internet cafe, an Internet Kiosk makes a GREAT addition. In some sweepstakes cafes that have one or two sweepstakes kiosks in addition to sweepstakes computers the kiosks bring in as much as HALF of the total business revenue! Kiosks make an attractive and highly profitable addition to any high-traffic business, including sweepstakes Internet cafes.


  • Average revenue = $3,000 per kiosk monthly
  • Over 50 EXCITING games, including 3-d games!
  • New games added monthly
  • Convenient touch-screen monitor
  • No other computers, servers, or equipment needed
  • Hands-on setup and training
  • Just plug it in and turn it on!
  • Provides easy Internet access for your customers
  • All you need is an Internet connection!
  • Live, 24/7 reporting, monitoring, and control (check reports from your smart phone!)
  • 24/7 support


  • 100% CERTIFIED and compliant sweepstakes
  • FIRST and ONLY Internet sweepstakes kiosk in the US
  • Over 50,000 of our kiosks deployed around the world
  • On the street and PROFITABLE for over 10 years
  • Can be placed in bars, convenience stores, truck stops, laundromats, or even sweepstakes rooms!
  • Rock-solid construction; powder-coated steel frame (like an ATM)
  • True WEB-BASED games & real-time reporting
  • Controlled payouts keep you in the black
  • Guaranteed FUN for your customers & PROFIT for you!