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In the past decade sweepstakes games have become an incredibly popular marketing tool. They are so common and used in so many different ways that you probably see them all the time without even noticing. Large corporations know that offering their customers a chance to win something entices the customers to purchase their product instead of a competing product. While it's true that some people go to McDonalds because they prefer Big Macs to Burger King's "Whopper" or Jack in the Box's "Jumbo Jack", there are some people that choose McDonalds specifically because of the McDonald's Monopoly Game -- which is, in fact, a sweepstakes game is, in fact, a sweepstakes game.

Internet cafe games give you the opportunity to profit from the public’s love of sweepstakes games. By setting up your own sweepstakes machines, you’ll be on the winning end of the system and stand to reap the profits by dramatically increasing the sales in your business.

Sweepstakes are Promotions

True sweepstakes are designed to encourage people to buy products. Whether it's a cheeseburger, a bottle of Coke, or concert tickets, many people are likely to purchase one product over another because of a chance to win something. Generally participants are given a "free entry" when they purchase the promoted product. Some sweepstakes are more complex and require a combination of entries to win (like the McDonald's Monopoly game). Others are simpler, such as "scratch and win" games. In any case, a sweepstakes is designed to entice people to buy a product that they otherwise might be less likely to buy.

Internet cafe sweepstakes machines take this concept and apply it to your business. Customers will buy more products because of your sweepstakes promtions and you reap the benefits!

The Thrill of Victory

We all know the odds. It's been said that the odds of winning the lottery are about the same as the odds of getting knocked off a bridge by an airplane and then eaten by a shark. In reality, the latter is probably more likely. But does that slow Americans down? Just look at the numbers. It's estimated that nearly 60 million Americans play sweepstakes games every year. A quarter of these people play at least four times annually. We all know the odds are against us but we do it anyway. As a matter of fact, the odds of winning a big sweepstakes such as the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes are estimated to be less than one in five hundred million. That means if you entered the sweepstakes every day you should win once every million years (give or take a few centuries). So… Why do we do it? Are we all just bad at math? The truth is that we all think we can beat the odds. SOMEONE has to win, right? Why not ME?

Beating the Odds

The only way to get ahead in a sweepstakes is to be the one running it. Don't you suppose that multi-billion dollar corporations such as McDonalds or Coca Cola or Time Warner have done their homework? The customers trying to beat the odds will inevitably get beat by the odds. It's a mathematical fact. With the right promotional sweepstakes software partner, the business owner in a sweepstakes Internet café will make a significant profit. This, too, is a mathematical fact. At SweepsCoach, we've been helping people like you start Internet cafes for over ten years. We have an impressive track record of ongoing success when it comes to installing Internet sweepstakes machines. When you do the math, it all adds up. SweepsCoach is there to help you be on the winning side of the equation. Give us a call!