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SweepsCoach has partnered with several of the leading sweepstakes software developers to ensure that we can provide the best possible Internet sweepstakes games to our clients. Each of our sweepstakes software company partners offer between six to 30 different games. As you can imagine, this gives us an impressive arsenal of games to choose from. Having great sweepstakes games in your Internet café is an absolute must. Great games result in people playing longer, and the longer your customers continue to play the games the more money you make.

Slots or Reel Games

The most common video sweepstakes machines are classified as "slot games" or "reel games". They have three or more reels, which spin when a button is pushed (or a mouse is clicked). The reels all have symbols and images, and when certain symbols line up the player wins. Various combinations and alignments of symbols result in different prizes. Commonly featured symbols include cherries, bars, 7s, bells, and diamonds. More recently the games have included just about every theme and symbol imaginable, ranging from Alice in Wonderland to shamrocks to oil rigs. In an average casino, about 70 percent of the income is generated from classic slot games. In sweepstakes gaming centers reel games are also tremendously popular, often generating as much as 85 percent of the total revenue.

Keno Games

Another popular computer sweepstakes game genre is called "keno". Keno-style games are based on a bingo theme. This popular game originated in China and legend has it that the game was used to raise funds to build the Great Wall of China. Traditional keno games use a circular glass (or clear plastic) ball containing 80 different numbered tokens. Each token has a unique number on it. As with bingo, the tokens are randomly selected and displayed. Specific patterns of numbers drawn determine whether or not the player has won. Different patterns result in different prize amounts. As with the reel-based games, modern computer sweepstakes machines use a variety of themes and symbols to make this game exciting and engaging.

Card Games

Another popular classification of sweepstakes games includes various card games. Lead by classic games such as poker and blackjack, card games have always been a leading form of gambling. Sweepstakes software developers have leveraged this association with betting and gambling by including card-based games into several of the sweepstakes gaming themes.

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Great games are a critical ingredient in every successful Internet cafe franchise. For more information about the dozens of games we have available and which games are the most popular in your area, give us a call. We'll be happy to help you make this important selection.