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  2. RAIDED and closed by law enforcement
  3. Forced OUT OF BUSINESS due to low revenue
  4. >>Taken advantage of with BOGUS STARTUP COSTS > YOU ARE HERE <
  5. Overwhelmed by TECHNICAL PROBLEMS, complex systems, & no support
  6. SWINDLED by smooth-talking sweepstakes salesmen
  7. Robbed by employees due to POOR REPORTING and control
  8. CONCLUSION: Thriving in a dangerous world


Number THREE on our list of top dangers to opening an Internet cafe business is getting
SIGNIFCANTLY OVERCHARGED TO OPEN. We hear sob stories every day from people who got suckered into spending much, much more than they should have to open an Internet cafe. Believe it or not there are a lot of scammers in this industry. We strongly encourage you to do research before you send money to anyone. It is very common for distributors in this industry to disappear with your money and simply stop answering your calls. Beware!

WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND doing an Internet search for “sweepstakes software reviews” to see what you can find about different sweepstakes software companies and how they compare. You’ll never regret doing a little research before spending money.

Naturally, at SweepsCoach we get quite a few calls from people who want to enter the Internet cafe industry. Some are doing due diligence and calling to ask us questions. Others have already been in the industry for a while, have opened a store, and are screaming about a bad deal they got. Frequently these terrible deals involve a business owner spending a ridiculous amount of money to get the business open. The story is always the same; they were pressured into buying “proprietary hardware”, computers, servers, point of sale systems… sometimes shady sweepstakes representatives charge bogus “upload” or “download” fees to put the games on your computers. Others require some sort of an enormous “deposit”. NEWS FLASH: you will never see that deposit again.

Here’s how we see it. The sweepstakes software company should have faith in its product. It should be confident that if you place their sweepstakes in your business you we be successful. Now, every legitimate sweepstakes software company in the industry has a revenue sharing program (that’s just how it works). This means that the sweepstakes company shares in your future success. With these facts in mind, why in the world would any sweepstakes software company require enormous startup fees? The obvious conclusion is that if they’re asking for a bunch of money up front it’s because they probably don’t expect to make much later. If they don’t think they’ll make money they have to collect from you while they can. YIKES!

Obviously if you’re buying computers there may be a cost there–but SHOP AROUND. Everyone knows that computers shouldn’t cost more than $400 – $500. Any legitimate promotional sweepstakes software will work on just about any computer hardware. To be blunt, you should be able to USE YOUR OWN COMPUTERS. Sweepstakes reps who try to swindle you into believing that they have “proprietary hardware” are, well… swindling you. What other software application do you know that tells you that you need to buy a special computer to get it to work? When you buy Microsoft Office, does Microsoft try to sell you a special computer to make it work? Of course not! The idea is laughable. Well then, why would sweepstakes software be any different? Don’t be taken advantage of by a smooth-talking sales rep. The minute they start insisting that you buy computers or servers from them–HANG UP!

One more point on this topic… some sales guys try to “lock you in” with some sort of a contract. Essentially the contract says something like this: If you buy our stuff and it doesn’t work for you, you must keep it for at least a year anyway. You are forbidden from finding a replacement sweepstakes software that may help turn around your business if its failing.

Let’s put it on the table and call it what it is–A SCAM. Who ever heard of a software product that says “if you buy this you can’t change it later if it doesn’t work.”? When you buy Microsoft Word, do you sign a contract that says “You MUST use MS Word EXCLUSIVELY for at least one year”? (Heaven help us!) Again, the idea is unheard of. The same applies to this industry. If the software isn’t working, for crying out loud CHANGE IT!
Anyone that requires you to sign a contract to the contrary clearly doesn’t have your best interest at heart.

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