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  2. RAIDED and closed by law enforcement
  3. >>Forced OUT OF BUSINESS due to low revenue > YOU ARE HERE <
  4. Taken advantage of with BOGUS STARTUP COSTS
  5. Overwhelmed by TECHNICAL PROBLEMS, complex systems, & no support
  6. SWINDLED by smooth-talking sweepstakes salesmen
  7. Robbed by employees due to POOR REPORTING and control
  8. CONCLUSION: Thriving in a dangerous world


Will your Internet cafe be profitable? Probably… but there are no guarantees! Many Internet cafes with sweepstakes promotions are tremendously successful, breaking even within a few short months. But this is not always the case. As many as 20 percent of all Internet cafes are DRIVEN OUT OF BUSINESS in less than six months because they aren’t generating enough revenue to pay the bills. Nobody wants to be in this position, which is why it ranks second on our list of dangers for newcomers to the industry.

Although running out of money and closing shop isn’t nearly as terrifying as getting shut down forcibly by law enforcement, it is much more common. If we compare a raid by police to a shark attack, we could compare going out of business to drowning. The business isn’t making enough money to pay the bills, there is no hope in sight, and you simply can’t keep your head above water–so you give up.

We see this sad reality over and over again and it’s frequently a result of people new to the industry not doing enough homework before they jump in the water. The situation is exacerbated by greedy sales reps in the industry who tell you anything they think you want to hear in order to make a sale. “You’re going to make a million bucks–everyone does!”

The truth is that the Internet cafe industry is not a “get rich quick” scheme. Like any successful business venture it requires research, intelligence, lots of hard work, and a little luck. Above all there are
THREE KEY ELEMENTS that will ensure that your Internet cafe business is successful.

1. Location, location, location
2. Hire excellent employees
3. Select the right sweepstakes software partner

It probably comes as no surprise that finding a fantastic location is critical to your business success. What’s the secret formula for finding a great location? Well, it’s easier said than done. A lot of people make the obvious mistake of choosing a spot for their business based on how convenient it is for them to get there. “It’s a 5-minute drive from my house–the location couldn’t be more perfect!” Here’s a bit of advice… if we were to list the
TOP TEN ATTRIBUTES that make a location profitable, “how close is it to your house” would never, ever show up on that list.

Give us a call and we’ll coach you through all the details of selecting a prime location for an Internet cafe with sweepstakes. After all, we’re called “sweeps coach” because that’s what we do best.

To be honest, finding great employees may be the single most important factor in the success of your business. All three of these key elements are important and if any of them are weak there is a good chance that your business may fail. Your employees are critical because they set the tone for your business, so even a great location with great sweepstakes software will be out of business quickly if the employees aren’t good at what they do.

And what do the employees do? Above all your employees BUILD A COMMUNITY that congregates around your brick-and-mortar business. You may be surprised at the qualifications of the best employees in the industry. They’re usually a little rough around the edges (who would have thought?), they know everyone, they’re outgoing and personable, and they are trustworthy. There are a lot of specifics you should be looking for when hiring your employees and we’d love to discuss it all with you. Give us a call and we’ll coach you through all these details. After all, we’re called the “sweeps coach” because that’s what we do best.

Finally, it’s critical that you select the right sweepstakes software partner. You may say to yourself “the software company is not my partner, but a supplier”, but you would be fooling yourself. Sweepstakes software companies generally profit when you profit. The best companies don’t charge a lot of money up front but only make money as your business succeeds. The best sweepstakes software companies will have excellent support–real people answer the phones. Notice we said “people” not “person”… there are a lot of fly-by night one-man show sweepstakes distributors out there. Shacking up with one of these is not advisable. Find a company with several employees, an office, a phone system… you know, a “real company” with professionals who can help you succeed. Other key factors to look for in a sweepstakes software parter include a web-based sweepstakes platform and a sweepstakes that has been certified by a third-party testing lab to be legitimate sweepstakes.

With a good location, excellent employees, and the right sweepstakes software partner your Internet cafe is very likely to succeed. We’re happy to coach you through the process. Give us a call and we’ll share what we know!

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