Promo Games, USA

Promo Games is one of the foremost pioneers in the field of sweepstakes promotions. Originally based in Europe, Promo Games has been deploying promotional marketing products since around the year 2,000.

Eventually the US market developed sweepstakes promotional platforms which are now frequently deployed in Internet cafe “parlors”. Although the technologies display many similarities, including their adherence to sweepstakes promotional compliance laws, there are a few fundamental differences between all other sweepstakes platforms in the US market and the Promo Games sweepstakes platform. At a high level, there are three technological “pillars” that make the PG solution unique:

1. Web-based sweepstakes
2. Credit-based accounting
3. Multi-tiered distribution system

The more you learn about the intricacies of the sweepstakes promotional industry, the more significant these three differentiating features become. For a more in-depth discussion of these topics feel free to tune in to one of our upcoming live Webinars.

Promo Games first sought to enter the American market in 2010. Having dominated the European market, the company decided to launch its platform in the US. Unfortunately, the product was in no way prepared for the US market. The platform wasn’t converted into the English language, it was not compliant with US law, and it was missing a few key technology pieces that were necessary for US deployment.

Promo Games contacted SweepsCoach, the largest independent US-based sweepstakes promotional marketing and consulting group, to help prepare the Promo Games software for the US market. SweepsCoach agreed to help Promo Games modify its product, translate it into English, add necessary technology components for the US market, and make critical changes for the US market. Since Promo Games had no US operations, no understanding of US market, and only one person in the company who even spoke English, SweepsCoach was the keystone that enabled Promo Games to enter our American market.

As SweepsCoach developed the US market and deployed PromoTek games (US version of Promo Games software), the relationship between Promo Games and SweepsCoach solidified. In 2011, SweepsCoach became the Promo Games USA office, supervising and training all US PromoTek distributors and managing the affairs and strategic direction of Promo Games throughout the nation. Since Promo Games had no interest in staffing an English-speaking support team or learning all the intricacies of US sweepstakes law, SweepsCoach became Promo Games USA, the owner of the PromoTek brand and the Promo Games promotional sweepstakes platform in the US.

SweepsCoach / Promo Games is expanding rapidly across the Americas. We are actively searching for qualified partners and distributors to help deploy what we consider to be the most advanced sweepstakes platform in the world. The list of official SweepsCoach Distributors is growing as we struggle to keep up with the volume of customers calling to get the PromoTek games. Contact us now to get involved!

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