Sweepstakes at Home

A few of the most important elements of a robust sweepstakes promotional platform are flexibility and adaptability.  This industry is a whirlwind of legal challenges, changing local and state ordinances, and law enforcement that often knows nothing about this business other than “it looks like gambling and by golly I won’t tolerate it in my jurisdiction!”

How are sweepstakes promotional products prepared to meet this dynamic environment?  Unfortunately, many of them are what we would call “one-trick ponies”.  What you see is what you get–and if they need to turn on a dime you’ll find yourself out of business.  This is primarily due to the fact that every sweepstakes solution in America is using a client-server model.  If you need a quick change someone will have to develop it and then come out and install it on every system.  Or, best case scenario, they can do remote updates (one at a time).  This is all well and good–unless there are several hundred, or several thousand, systems to be updated.  Then what?  This could take weeks or months to roll out.

Enter the web-based model.  We have only seen ONE true web-based sweepstakes solution.  This is the SweepsCoach platform, and the more we see results from this platform the more impressed we are by it.  This sweepstakes delivers updates, enhancements, and new games regularly.  These updates are instantly and automatically delivered to all 16,000+ SweepsCoach locations simultaneously when the update is put on the servers.  Speedy updates and INSTANT DEPLOYMENT make this option the most flexible option available.

In this article we want to focus on one hidden treasure of a web-based sweepstakes solution.  A lot of people aren’t aware of this, so we think it’s time to let the cat out of the bag on one of the industry’s best-kept secrets; playing sweepstakes games at home.

What happens if the unthinkable occurs and your city, county, or state completely outlaws sweepstakes promotions?  Well, first of all let’s point out that this is not likely to stick.  They’ve been trying to outlaw sweepstakes for years in several states and haven’t been able to do it.  Sure, places are closed for a few weeks–but they almost always end up opening again soon.  At the end of the day, if the sweepstakes are being run properly they are nearly impossible to completely shut down.  But what happens in that timeframe?  For two weeks, or for two months, or… who knows?  Maybe permanently your business is not allowed to run a sweepstakes promotion onsite.  OUCH!

This is what happened recently in Europe.  An entire country passed strict regulations and penalties preventing anyone from running a sweepstakes in their business.  What did the sweepstakes owners do?  Every sweepstakes solution was forced to leave the country.  Everyone, that is, except for web-based SweepsCoach sweepstakes.  The businesses that were running the SweepsCoach system sent their customers home to play.  This solution was implemented instantly–and those with SweepsCoach games in the US can do exactly the same thing RIGHT NOW.

When an account is created for a new customer, that account is linked to the specific business or location where it was formed.  This means that using the same exact login that the customer uses in the store, that customer can go home (or anywhere with Internet access) and log in to the website: RevealMyEntries.com.  On this site customers can play games to reveal their winnings–exactly the same way they did onsite in the business where they were given credits to play.

The implications of this concept are staggering.  Back to our example in Europe; our sweepstakes promotions are bringing in several million dollars of profit each month–and 100% of the business is being played at home.  This concept also allows business owners to send customers home to play if the store is too full (no open computers left).  It allows customers to play at their own convenience, whether or not your store is open for business. Thus, even while your store is closed and you are asleep, hundreds (or thousands) of your customers can be playing your games and making money for you.

But wait – when your customers are playing from home does this mean you are losing out somehow?  To the contrary–business owners LOVE this concept.  They know that their customers can ONLY receive promotional entries in their store and can ONLY redeem winnings in their store.  Furthermore; we have found that when people go home to play and have to return to the store to redeem (“cash out”), the HOLD for the business owner increases significantly.  Generally speaking, when a customer is given 1 “free credit” for purchasing $1 worth of product, less than 10 cents of that is actually redeemed when that customer goes home to play–the business owner keeps 90 cents.   Compare this to about 50 cents redeemed when that customer stays in the store to reveal his entries.  WOW!

Isn’t there something wrong with revealing sweepstakes entries from home?  Absolutely not!  When you open a bottle of Coca-Cola you may find a code on the bottom of the cap.  To play the Coca-Cola sweepstakes and see if you have won anything, you plug this number into their online website AT HOME on your own computer.  You’ll find this kind of sweepstakes in everything from cereal boxes to cans of soup.  It is extremely common and used every day within the US.

The “Play at Home” feature is not something that has to be enabled in case of an unexpected emergency situation.  It is ALREADY being used by SweepsCoach sweepstakes sponsors everywhere.  But if things get tricky and your business needs to keep things on “the down low” for a few weeks or a few months, a client-server model (every sweepstakes product in the US besides SweepsCoach) must tell sweepstakes sponsors “I guess you better close shop.”  SweepsCoach operators can keep their doors open and send customers home to play–instantly.

It is this kind of flexibility that makes the SweepsCoach system and its unique feature set stand head and shoulders above every other sweepstakes product that we have seen (and we’ve tested dozens of them!)

In order to maximize profitability in your sweepstakes business, or if trouble comes, you need OPTIONS. You need FLEXIBILITY and you need SPEED.  The web-based SweepsCoach sweepstakes give you what you need.  Allowing your customers to play from home is just one of the unique differentiating features that makes SweepsCoach the best possible sweepstakes platform in the US.

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