> Swindled by Salesmen


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  2. RAIDED and closed by law enforcement
  3. Forced OUT OF BUSINESS due to low revenue
  4. Taken advantage of with BOGUS STARTUP COSTS
  5. Overwhelmed by TECHNICAL PROBLEMS, complex systems, & no support
  6. >>SWINDLED by smooth-talking sweepstakes salesmen > YOU ARE HERE <
  7. Robbed by employees due to POOR REPORTING and control
  8. CONCLUSION: Thriving in a dangerous world


Coming in FIFTH on our list of top problems associated with opening an Internet cafe is “getting taken for a ride” by USED CAR SALESMEN. You know the type, they’ll say anything to make a sale. The next thing you know you’ll be writing them big checks and they’ll stop answering the phone. This is also a common problem in the industry–don’t say we didn’t warn you. We continually coach those who are doing industry research to USE COMMON SENSE. If a sweepstakes company doesn’t answer phones, that’s a bad sign. If something feels fishy it probably is!

How do you separate the legitimate sweepstakes software companies from the slick willies? Call them, talk to them, ask them questions, review their website, play their sweepstakes games… If you ask a few basic questions about how their games work and you find the sales rep stammering–that’s a warning sign. If the email address for the company is “sweepstakesguy@hotmail.com” that should be a warning. If, when you call, you get an answering service that doesn’t know anything about sweepstakes and tells you “I’ll have someone call you back”… If the company website has pages that look like they were designed by a
3rd-grader and the “view our games” page says “coming soon!”… If every time you call you hear dogs barking in the background or the sales rep seems drunk… Yes, all these things are warnings. Again, USE COMMON SENSE!

The biggest problem with overzealous sales guys was covered earlier in this article–getting suckered into paying a huge startup cost. We look at it like this–the more money you pay a sales guy to get your store open, the less likely he is to support you in the long run. After all, he has already been paid “up front” so what motive does he have to provide excellent ongoing support? But if there is very little upfront cost to you (or at least, if you don’t pay much to him) the performance of the software and the quality of the support will determine whether or not the sweepstakes company (or sales rep) makes money. This is a win-win; it protects your wallet and makes the software company EARN the money you give them. PERFECT!

Reaching for your wallet to get a big “signing bonus” and then providing an inferior product without adequate technical support isn’t the only issue that can occur. Another less-known issue we frequently see is software companies allowing more than one person to open with the same software you are using very close to you, thereby splitting your market. If you spend thousands of dollars getting the business open the last thing you want is for someone using the same exact sweepstakes software to open a few blocks from you. Some sweepstakes software companies have even changed their branding–so the exact same games have two different names (we’re only aware of one company that does this).

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