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  2. RAIDED and closed by law enforcement
  3. Forced OUT OF BUSINESS due to low revenue
  4. Taken advantage of with BOGUS STARTUP COSTS
  5. Overwhelmed by TECHNICAL PROBLEMS, complex systems, & no support
  6. SWINDLED by smooth-talking sweepstakes salesmen
  7. Robbed by employees due to POOR REPORTING and control
  8. >>CONCLUSION: Thriving in a dangerous world > YOU ARE HERE <


THE INTENT OF THIS ARTICLE IS NOT TO SCARE YOU AWAY from the Internet cafe business but to open your eyes to potential risks and threats that may jeopardize your success. Sales reps and sweepstakes companies may try to tell you these dangers don’t exist; Don’t look behind the curtain! (at least, not until you write us a check…)

The truth is that these threats are very real. The world is full of danger, and ALL NEW BUSINESSES are risky. Why would this industry be any different? Consider this… if you don’t know what the risks are how can you avoid them? Let’s not pull any punches here people; let’s tell it like it is. At SweepsCoach we decided to put it all out on the table and examine it with you. That’s right; let’s talk about it. We want you to know what’s coming at you and help you prepare for it. These issues are too important to minimize or ignore. Don’t fall prey to those who tell you there are no risks. Ignorance may be bliss, but it’s not likely to last long.

So, with all these dangers and potential problems WHY WOULD ANYONE START AN INTERNET CAFE!? The answer is simple. The business model can be extremely successful if done correctly. Since the late ’90s our staff at SweepsCoach has helped open hundreds of Internet cafes WITHOUT sweepstakes promotions and hundreds of sweepstakes WITH sweepstakes promotions. As it turns out, Internet cafes that use sweepstakes to promote their business generally earn five to ten times more than those without.

Simply put, THIS BUSINESS MODEL CAN BE EXTREMELY PROFITABLE! It is not for the squeamish but for those who are willing to do research, work hard, and use common sense. If you are aware of the potential pitfalls you be much better prepared to avoid them.

At SweepsCoach we are dedicated to making our clients aware of all potential dangers and holding their hands so they can avoid trouble. We know our clients are our biggest asset. Knowledge is power, and the more informed and prepared you are before you open your business the more successful you will be. Of course, the more successful our clients become, the more successful we are. The win-win structure we have developed with our clients has enabled Internet cafes using our sweepstakes platform to become some of the most successful Internet cafes in the nation. We’d love to help you get there too! Give us a call.

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