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What is a Webinar? "Webinar" is short for "Web-based Seminar". It is a presentation, lecture, or workshop that is transmitted over the web (or telephone).

Recently SweepsCoach has been flooded with new business inquiries. We were already swamped because 1) this industry is growing like crazy, and 2) we supply the only web-based sweepstakes platform in existence (this is a big deal). Then, not long ago, a few articles were published about our company (Business Week and MSNBC) that drove interest through the roof. Everybody wants to know more about our PromoGames sweepstakes games and our unique Totem unit! We're THRILLED that everyone is contacting us and are busy staffing up to handle all the calls.

We have recently organized a series of FREE, LIVE Webinars (seminars) that have been designed to cover a variety of industry-specific topics.

Once you REGISTER for a Webinar, you can call in BY PHONE or access the Webinar on your Computer.

  • Track 1: Making Money with Sweepstakes Promotions

    Track 1 covers all the basics and is designed to be the first sweepstakes Webinar you attend. In this course we dive into industry and product-specific details--so even those who have already been in the business for a while will learn a lot.

    Track 1 Topics Include:

    Upcoming Track 1 Webinars:

  • Track 2: Distributing the Sweepstakes Platform & Totems

    Once you have participated in the first Webinar, you may find yourself saying "GREAT! I want to become a Distributor and SELL the sweepstakes concept! Now what?" This second Webinar will answer that question and more.

    Track 2 Topics Include:

    • SweepsCoach product advantages
    • "Three Pillars" that support the SweepsCoach platform
    • Quick Totem review (including pricing and availability)
    • Anatomy of a Totem
    • Pricing, profit, and how you make money
    • Where to place Totems
    • Selling techniques
    • Next steps; how do I get started?
    • Q&A Session

    Upcoming Track 2 Webinars: